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Winchester Bottle Carriers

WBC80T mobile winchester bottle carrier

Designed for the safe packaging and transportation of the Winchester bottles. These steel robust packaging containers have a built in partition designed to take any leaks from the Winchester bottles whilst in transit. Specialised bottle containers for medical and research establishments designed for ease of transport and security, castors available on the larger models to help in manual handling..


WBC80TMobile Winchester Bottle Carrier shown above

WBC40 winchester bottle carrier

Model WBC40 for holding 4 x Winchester Bottle

Designed for safe storage, protection and transportation of Winchester bottles


  • Constructed from 20 swg Zintec rust resistant coated steel
  • Welded partition rods keep the bottles apart.
  • Specially designed sump partitioned to take appropriate amount of leaks from Winchester bottles
  • Provision for locking the Winchester carrying boxes via a hasp & staple.
  • Fitted with carrying handles
  • Finished in full epoxy white powder coating and labelled to comply with all current regulations
  • WBC80T & WBC100T Winchester carrying boxes are fitted with castors for total mobility
  • Bespoke service available
  • Codes below ending in * are Mobile Winchester Bottle Carriers
  • Bottles not supplied
  • Normal Delivery is 5 working days
  • Universities and Medical Establishments have a 10% Discount
  • Carriage £ 15 per unit though contact Merlin Industrial if you need multiple bottle carriers

Winchester Bottle Carrier Prices stated are correct for 2020

ModelSize mm Height x Width x DepthBottles StoredPrice Ex Works
WBC20381 x 320 x 160299.93
WBC40381 x 320 x 3204113.96
WBC80381 x 635 x 3328170.03
WBC80T-MOBILE381 x 635 x 3328198.06
WBC100381 x 790 X 33210247.57
WBC100T-MOBILE381 x 790 X 33210276.28

WBC80 Shown open with the dividers that are supplied as standard, on the top.

WBC80 Open with dividers