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Mobile Work Platforms

single sided easy access 2 tread work platform

Mobile work platforms are ideal for factories or any space where a sturdy platform is required to work safely on various equipment. As well as the single sided entry access platforms SSEAP’s we also have the all round access platforms with chains on three sides with options to have a chain on all four sides. With platform steps from 2 treads to 8 treads we can accommodate a large range of working heights.

For safer access whilst at work, Merlin Industrial Products can offer a wide range of platforms at different heights and with different capacities so that working at height can be comfortable and safer. Please note that we also offer customised work platforms in steel and aluminium. For 2019 we also added all weather covers for work on refrigeration trailers as shown on this page >HERE

As well as the standard platforms above, we can manufacture specials like the multi-level work platform below.

Work Platform with easy 48 degree sloped steps and chains on 3 sides.

S681 truck dock steps

48 degree slopes for easier movement up and down carrying equipment or goods. 75 x 120 cm platform, allowing the user to workplace once at the top.

  • A large platform with removable chains on 3 sides help extend the use of the platform in a wide range of situations.
  • Welded steel tube and bar construction.
  • Fitted with hand lock and anchorage.


Front feet are fitted with protective plastic floor pads. Expanded Metal treads for additional safety in slippery conditions. The large platform is ideal for unloading and loading trucks.

Please note that we have one of these in a 3 tread model available from stock.


2 x front swivel castors with 10 cm diameter rubber tyred wheels complete with roller bearings. 2 x rear axle mounted 20 cm wheels with rubber tyres and roller bearings.

Available in powder coated red or natural galvanised finish. (7 and 8 Tread not available with Galvanised finish)


  • Tread Width 75 cm
  • Platform Width 75 cm
  • Platform length 120 cm
  • Maximum loading 150 kg
  • Manufactured to order in 3 weeks

Available with 3,4,5,6,7 and 8 treads with platform heights from 69 to 184 cm

7 and 8 tread models have bolt on handles to reduce the transportation costs.

BS EN 131-7 version is available, please contact us for further details.

Single Sided Entry Access Platforms


This safe and strong platforms can be made left or right-handed to suit space requirements.  Please note that for access platform sizes, the platform level is counted as a step.

This platform has a safe working load SWL of 500 kg so more than one person can safely work side by side.


H x W x L (mm)
SSEAP 0225001500 – 22501500 x 995 x 180560
SSEAP 0337501750 – 25001750 x 995 x 196067
SSEAP 04410002000 – 27502000 x 995 x 211073
SSEAP 05512502250 – 30002250 x 995 x 247080
SSEAP 06615002500 – 32502500 x 995 x 256087
SSEAP 07717502750 – 35002750 x 995 x 265095
SSEAP 08820003000 – 37503000 x 995 x 2775103



 These single sided access platforms can also have various gates fitted for extra safety.


Workmaster Aluminium Work Platforms

Until 2018 the Workmaster platforms  were known as the Z600 ZAP assembly platform, folding Mobile and comfortable: folding work platform with step access and central brake.

Assembly platorm manufactured from aluminium

Platform can be placed in three positions, offering a maximum platform height of 990mm

Assembly platorm manufactured from aluminium raised

Swing-up steps with treads 200 mm deep for comfortable and safe ascent.

  • Can be moved rapidly and comfortably, as it has four swivel castors on the access section and two fixed castors on the support section.
  • Ready-for-use in no time through central brake on the access steps.
  • Will pass through doorways – even when erected.
  • Flexible applications due to three different platform heights with just one work platform.
  • Double-sided handrail on the access steps and platform railing for maximum work safety.
  • Folding frame and pivot-able steps mean space-saving transport and storage.
  • Large-area work platform, 1,800 x 600 mm.
  • Tested to BGR 173 – total permissible load 200 kg.

Aluminium Platform steps, mobile with Auto-Stop

Mobile and convenient: Steps with ergonomic braking functions and an extra-large platform.

mobile aluminium access platform

  • Platform steps which are ready for use in no time due to the new brake systems – now available as a standard product.
  • Auto-Stop – automatic brake on the swivel castors on the step side – the brake can be released to move the product by pressing a lever.
  • Extra-large platform with dimensions of 1,200 x 800 mm ensures comfortable working, even with two persons.
  • Stiles made from high-strength extruded aluminium sections with screw channels for flexible assembly.
  • Selection of the required angle of inclination: 45° for comfortable access or 60° in confined spaces.
  • Serrated aluminium tread covering as standard. Steel open grid covering also available as an option at an additional charge. Please state when placing your order.
  • Guardrail: As standard equipment with double-sided handrail and peripheral platform railing.


Complies with EN ISO 14 122

We can also supply customised models for applications in the Aircraft and Oil industries. Please contact us for more information.

Please see our Podium Steps shop below for more options.