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Workplace Divider Screens

Free standing workplace clear pvc screens

Workplace divider screens are a result of the Coronavirus and a way of helping companies in the UK observe social distancing whilst still manufacturing and providing goods and services. Manufactured using a corrugated and easily cleaned plastic the divider screens are easily assembled and easily moved from place to place.

Manufactured from hygienic clear and cleanable PVC that allows the light through whilst protecting staff and customers from the risk of infection.

Easily installed with no damage to existing structures.

We also have the same easy to clean PVC barriers for Trade/ Sales counters

Standard lead time is one week.

Trade counter virus screen

Download the Clear PVC Leaflet with the different models here

Alternate White Corrugated Plastic Dividers

workplace screens on site

Picture above Courtesy of J.H. (LIFTING GEAR HIRE) LTD

Workplace divider screens provide an easy and cost effective way of segregation and the flat packed solution takes only 2 minutes to assemble without the need of tools.

workplace divider screens easy to assemble

Designed as a temporary measure the divider screens can easily be adapted to areas and uses far beyond their initial goal.

workplace divider screens at workbenches

Features of the Workplace Dividers

  • Allows the staff to work at their normal posts whilst maintaining Government safe distancing
  • Keeping staff safe and maintaining production
  • Easily cleaned surfaces that are safe for food and hygiene areas
  • Economical for temporary use
  • Supplied Flat packed for quick transportation
  • No Tools required to assemble – normal time just 2 minutes
  • Can be cut to adjust to your workbench or conveyor heights
  • Useful at assembly, production and packing lines.


  • Manufactured from hard wearing corrugated plastic
  • Product code H6000WT
  • Width (mm) 1220
  • Height (mm) 1830
  • Thickness (mm) 10
  • Weight per divider 4.4 kg
  • Colour White
  • Normal lead time is 7 to 10 days

Download our brochure on the dividers, complete with price and quantity breaks

Workspace Dividers in different colours.

Blue Correx workspace dividers

Available in two heights for standing or sitting at desks these Correx screens offer a quick way of helping to keep your staff healthy and virus free.

Free-standing screen dimensions

full height dividers

Following current Government guidelines may mean reduced efficiency / productivity of staff and your business as a whole, yet the use of temporary workspace partitions can go some way towards alleviating these difficulties.

Custom manufactured from a durable Correx® plastic material, these temporary partitions can potentially add a layer of safety and separation by limiting interaction and providing a screen during working hours.

Plus, with the ability to have these dividers manufactured, so they are tailored to your requirements, it means they are suitable for any workspace (e.g. production / assembly lines, warehouse packing bays, offices etc.).

Colours available Blue(Stock 48 hour turnaround), Red, Black, Grey, Light Green, Dark Green

Key benefits of temporary workspace partitions at a glance

  • Assists in continued business operations during Coronavirus pandemic
  • Offers additional protection for employees
  • Smooth surfaces allow for easy cleaning
  • Customisable to ensure suitability for any workspace, desk height or packing bay
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Non “shedding” material (i.e. no small fibres / dust generated)
  • Available on short lead times
  • Range of colour options to match current environment or branding
  • Perfect for critical industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, food and equipment manufacturers
  • Also ideal for businesses selling online (e-commerce)