We have numerous Brochures and Documents that you can download or view as required, with nearly all of them available in PDF format so that they can be viewed across a wide range of computers, tablets and phones. As of 2020, no more paper catalogues were produced to fit in with the companies ecological beliefs. Please use CTRL+F in your browser to search for the catalogue link.

Paper catalogues existed from 1996 to 2019 though now Merlin only work with digital catalogues to promote less waste and to further protect the environment.

For historical and informational purposes, some older catalogues shown below have outdated prices but are still available for their technical information or to provide students materials for studying industrial products.

Recent Brochures and Documents.

Container Catalogue

Plastic Containers and Food related tools

Large folding containers

Large Collapsible Containers

Interbin Containers

Interbin Plastic Containers

Open Fronted Containers

Open Fronted Containers

Pallet Racking

Palet Racking UK

Apex Racking Solutions

Apex Pallet Racking

Link 51 Pallet Racking

Link 51 Pallet Racking

Healthcare Storage Options

Healthcare Storage

Buronomic Office Furniture 21/22

Buronomic 2021-2022

Totebox Plastic Containers

Plastic Toteboxes and Containers

Social Spaces Furniture

Social Spaces Furniture

Avant executive office furniture

Avant Executive Office Furniture

Railway Acoustic Pods

Railway Alcove Pod

Acoustic Alcoves and Pods

Acoustic Alcoves and Pods

Please always contact Merlin Industrial for the latest price and availability.

This technical library is available for free thanks to the manufacturing companies within the Merlin group, as well as various other companies around the UK and Europe.

Commercial seating with prices 2021

Summit 2021 Seating Catalogue

This furniture catalogue has 425 pages, so please allow a few seconds for it to load.

Office Furniture 2021

Storage and Handling Catalogue

Due to current price fluctuations, please use these for guidance only.

Storage Catalogue 20/21

With over 450 brochures, leaflets and catalogues, it may be easier to use the search facility above to quickly find the PDF for you. Merlin is slowly adding all the 450 brochures and catalogues to this new flip format, helping them to be easily accessible. Please bookmark this page to be kept up to date on the latest industrial products whilst alleviating the storage space locally.